Donald Trump Bashes Alec Baldwin, Jeff Zucker in Preview of Jesse Watters' Fox News Interview


"I think the portrayal of me is ridiculous," Trump said of Baldwin on 'Saturday Night Live.'

On Friday, Fox News' Jesse Watters released a preview of his interview with Donald Trump.

Watters asked President Trump if he could fire one person between Senator Chuck Schumer, CNN president Jeff Zucker and actor Alec Baldwin, who would it be?

"I think the Alec Baldwin situation is not good,” responded Trump. “Chuck I’m very disappointed in him, because he’s a guy who should make deals for the people. Instead he’s just an obstructionist. So, I’m disappointed in him."

"And Jeff Zucker, I mean, I got him the job," claimed Trump. "And CNN is just, you know, fake news."

He said he was "disappointed in all three" of the men. "I think the portrayal of me is ridiculous," he added, referring to Baldwin's popular portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live. Watters said the president also referred to the "failing New York Times" during their conversation.

The full interview is set to air on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET.