'Kimmel' Imagines Donald Trump's Campaign as an Elaborate April Fools' Joke

Courtesy of YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

"You're so stupid, it's mind-boggling. It really is."

Donald Trump's entire campaign for president was just one huge April Fools' joke, if Jimmy Kimmel is to be believed.

Never shying away from a good prank, Kimmel created a mock ad mixing real Trump footage with a fake Trump voiceover, introducing it as a "bombshell revelation."

"Our country is totally divided — there's so much hatred," says fake Trump. "So that's what I made my campaign about."

He continued, "I said the craziest things I could think of." The video then showed Trump talking about the implications of his small hands and his love of the poorly educated.

"I had no idea it would go this far. No matter how insane I got, millions of you came to support me," says the voiceover. Then comes the revelation, "April Fools America, I'm not really running for president, it was a joke." Kimmel's team superimposed the words "April Fools" onto a sign Trump held up at a rally.

"I can't believe you bought these crappy hats," he said at the end of the clip over an image of the "Make America Great Again" caps. Watch the clip below.