Donald Trump, Ben Carson Assigned Secret Service Details

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Donald Trump and Ben Carson

Both candidates requested the protection about a month ago.

GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson are both getting Secret Service details, the Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday. 

Secretary Jeh Johnson authorized the move, according to a statement from the governmental agency. 

"As prescribed by statute, authorization for Secret Service protection for presidential candidates is determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security after consultation with a congressional advisory committee composed of the Speaker of the House, the House Minority Leader, the Senate Majority Leader ... and an additional member selected by the Committee,” according to the statement. 

No additional information was released. 

Trump had been using an independent security detail, his campaign previously confirmed. Neither campaign responded to a request for additional information.

Both men asked for Secret Service protection about a month ago, The Washington Post reported. 

Nominated presidential candidates have been assigned Secret Service protection since 1968, following the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. That policy was altered in 2008 to include frontrunners when then Sen. Barack Obama was receiving threats. 

It is unclear if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders has details. Neither campaign immediately responded to a request for comment.