Donald Trump Breaks Out Some of His Products During Victory Speech

Donald Trump 2 - H 2016
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Donald Trump 2 - H 2016

"People probably thought they were tuning into QVC," one pundit commented.

It was technically a victory speech after securing two more primary wins in Mississippi and Michigan, but some said it looked more like an infomercial. 

Donald Trump had some viewers scratching their heads Tuesday night when, during a media conference on the heels of two more campaign wins, he was boasting about water, steaks, wine, a magazine and a university all bearing his name. 

At one point during the conference in Jupiter, Florida, Trump even held up the steaks and magazine for the crowd of supports and media to see while defending his companies.

"We have Trump Steaks, and if you want to take one, we'll charge you about $50. No, I'm only kidding," Trump said.

The incident was referred to as something of an infomercial by CNN political pundits.

"People probably thought they were tuning into QVC," said one CNN pundit said after the media conference ended. 

Trump showed off the products to combat statements made by Mitt Romney last week that many of his companies were defunct.