Donald Trump Calls MSNBC "Bad People," Denies Putin Relations in 'Watters' World' Interview

Donald Trump on 'Watters' World'

"Don't know him, but certainly he's a tough cookie," Donald Trump said when asked to describe Vladimir Putin.

President Donald Trump sounded off on MSNBC, Snoop Dogg, Alec Baldwin and his other public foes in a sit-down with Fox News' Jesse Watters that aired Saturday.

The Watters' World interview, which took place just before Trump's Nashville, Tenn., rally, kicked off with Trump voicing his thoughts on MSNBC host Rachel Maddow's decision to reveal two pages of his 2005 tax returns live on air Tuesday. Viewers learned that Trump made more than $150 million in income and paid $38 million in income taxes that year.

"They're bad people," he said of the network. "There's something wrong with them. It's illegal to do what they did. It's criminally offensive."

Trump emphasized that all of his tax returns "are good," but "they just don't respect the law, and we have to change that."

The president told Watters that the Mexican border wall will be built "very soon," adding that he'll be "very much involved" in the process. The Fox News anchor then shifted gears and took Trump through a short speed quiz, asking him to describe a number of acquaintances in just one word.

Trump had a few choice words to say about Hillary Clinton ("disappointed") and Elizabeth Warren ("I think she'd lose so badly") before discussing his recent feud with Snoop Dogg.

"I think it was terrible," he said of the rapper's music video depicting a mock assassination of the president. "Not because of me, but it's terrible to do that to any president — any person. I think it was pretty low-life. His career is falling, and he's getting a lot of publicity from it."

When Vladimir Putin's name came up during the quiz, Trump denied having relations: "Don't know him, but certainly he's a tough cookie. I don't know how he's doing for Russia, but I guess we'll find out one day."

Asked by Watters whom he would choose to fire among his most famous enemies — Baldwin, Sen. Chuck Schumer or CNN's Jeff Zucker — Trump replied, "I think the Alec Baldwin situation is not good. Chuck, I'm very disappointed in him because he's a guy who should make deals for the people. Instead, he's just an obstructionist. So, I'm disappointed in him."

He added, "And Jeff Zucker, I mean, I got him the job. And CNN is just, you know, fake news." Trump continued to call Baldwin's Saturday Night Live impersonation of him "ridiculous" and stated that he was "disappointed in all three."