Donald Trump on Deadspin: They 'Are Total Losers'

Down on The Donald

Donald Trump is proving hard to dump. The outspoken billionaire has hung on to his job as a Macy's spokesman to the chagrin of Democratic activist Angelo Carusone, who has gathered more than 650,000 signatures with calling for Trump's ouster.

The real estate mogul, who praised the sports blog for breaking news about the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax, was told to "f--- yourself" by the website.

Donald Trump rarely backs away from a verbal or online brawl. Especially, it seems, after being told to "f--- yourself" after delivering a compliment.

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After Deadspin broke the news that the girlfriend of Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o was an online hoax, the real estate mogul praised the sports blog, tweeting a congratulations to the site's managing editor Tom Scocca and writer Timothy Burke

Deadspin's official Twitter account responded simply: "Go f--- yourself." 

Trump, of course, didn't take too kindly to the retort. On Friday, he decided to play armchair media critic by tweeting a series of replies aimed at the site. Deadspin "guys are total losers—they had their story stolen right from under their bad complexions—other media capitalized!," Trump wrote

The site "will never make it—they don’t understand graciousness or money—and best guy is leaving?," he continued, in apparent reference to the news that Scocca will be transitioning to a new job as the managing editor of Gawker, a sister site of Deadspin. 

Finally, Trump's takeaway from the incident: the site's "disgusting response will teach me & others not to be nice anymore—a sad lesson," he tweeted

Deadspin's original Manti T'eo hoax story currently has 3.7 million page views. In a staff memo obtained by media writer Jim Romenesko, Gawker Media founder Nick Denton stated that the investigation helped its stable of blogs reach 10 million unique visitors in one week.