Donald Trump Defends Taco Bowl Tweet

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Donald Trump

"People loved it," the billionaire businessman turned presumptive GOP presidential nominee says.

Donald Trump's taco bowl tweet may have created controversy, but it also got shared a lot over social media, so he considers that a win. 

The GOP presidential frontrunner spoke about the post during a Fox & Friends phone interview Thursday morning. 

"As of yesterday, I had 59,000 re-tweets, 59,000 re-tweets in the short period of what  that's got to be some kind of a record," Trump said. "People loved it." 

As of Friday morning, it had more than 78,000 re-tweets.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the billionaire businessman posted a picture of himself about to eat a taco salad while sitting at his desk in Trump Tower. 

"Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!" Trump wrote with the picture. 

The post generated immediate backlash due to Trump's previous disparaging comments about undocumented immigrants from Mexico and his promise to build an enormous wall along the border, which he insists will be paid for by Mexico.

Trump said Friday he disagreed with the criticism over the post. 

"And you know what, I am going to do great with the Hispanics," he said. "I'm going to do fantastic because I am bringing jobs back to America."