Donald Trump: Viral Video With Kid Hecklers Created by "Stupid People"

AP Images

"To have young kids using that kind of language is a disgrace," the Republican presidential candidate said.

In an interview with Fox Business on Friday, Donald Trump responded to a recent viral video where children hurl profanity-laced insults at him.

The video, produced by, is in response to Trump's controversial remarks he has made about Mexican immigrants. "“F— you, racist f—!” yells one of the boys in the video, saying that since "Republicans use offensive words" the children decided to use some of their own. The group is also offering $5,000 to an audience member willing to heckle Trump as he hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend.

"I think it's just terrible," Trump told Fox's Maria Bartiromo when she asked about the viral video. "To have young kids using that kind of language is a disgrace and it totally backfired and people are actually going wild about it and they’re saying 'We’re now going to support Trump.' "

The Republican presidential hopeful said, "Anybody that would do an ad like that is stupid, to be honest. I mean they’re stupid people who would do an ad like that." He said he's not concerned that Latinos won't vote for him.

"I’m doing great with the Hispanics," said Trump. "I’m going to win the Hispanics because they know I’m going to bring back jobs from lots of places including India and China and lots of places that are taking our jobs."

Watch a clip of the video and Trump's response starting at the three minute mark.