Donald Trump Discusses Name-Calling, VP Picks on 'Kimmel'

Jimmy Kimmel Live Trump - Publicity - H 2016
Randy Holmes/ABC

Jimmy Kimmel Live Trump - Publicity - H 2016

“Tonight, those of you watching at home will have the rare opportunity to see Donald Trump on television," joked Jimmy Kimmel.

Donald Trump returned to Hollywood Wednesday with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he weighed in on the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders "struggle" and shared his process for "nicknaming" his opponents. The Weeknd and Belly were also originally scheduled for Wednesday's show, but canceled their performance due to Trump's appearance. 

Kimmel first couldn't resist poking fun at the GOP frontrunner himself. 

“Tonight, those of you watching at home will have the rare opportunity to see Donald Trump on television," joked Kimmel. "Trump is here in Hollywood, and I thought this was interesting, he has promised to make Hollywood Boulevard great again, by building a wall around Bill Cosby’s star on the Walk of Fame. And Guillermo is gonna pay for it!”

Trump, who spoke at an Anaheim rally earlier in the day, said he was enjoying watching the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton: "I had no idea it was going to be so nasty."

Trump also said that Sanders loses primaries "because the system is rigged against him" and it's "unfair" to the Democratic candidate. Kimmel asked if Trump was prepared to debate Sanders before the California primary, to which Trump answered: "Yes I would, how much is he going to pay me?"

He went on to say that the ratings would be so high that the money would be good for "some worthy charity." 

As for Trump's own name-calling tactics, the presidential candidate told Kimmel that there's no "team" helping him brainstorm how he calls out opponents. "The team is right there," said Trump as he pointed to his own head. 

Kimmel also suggested that Trump should pick his vice president Celebrity Apprentice-style.

"Why do you do this just like Celebrity Apprentice? Why don’t you get these guys all in a room. Each week it would be the highest-rated show in the history of television," said Kimmel. "You eliminate one person and they go back to wherever the hell they came from. See this is why I would be your best vice president!"

Kimmel later entertained Trump with the sequel to Dr. Seuss-style story mocking the presidential candidate called "Winners Still Aren't Losers." The story was a follow-up to "Winners Aren't Losers," which Kimmel ghost-wrote under Trump's name and read to him when he appeared on the show last year.