Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump's Love of the Word "Disgusting" With Montage Video

Donald Trump in Jimmy Kimmel Montage — H 2015

Jimmy Kimmel showed just how often Donald Trump uses the word "disgusting."

After Donald Trump was accused of calling a lawyer "disgusting" for wanting a break to pump breast milk for her child, Jimmy Kimmel took the opportunity to make fun of Trump for his incessant use of the word.

"That doesn't sound like the thoughtful, gentle, mild-mannered Trump I know," said Kimmel, "I can't even imagine him using that word."

He then unleashed a video montage of Trump using the word repeatedly in a variety of conversations.

"Donald Trump has reached a saturation level that is nothing short of Kardashian-esque," said Kimmel in his intro. He added that he would find it "hilarious" if Trump and Sarah Palin teamed up (if Trump were to become president) because he's "pretty sure it's how the Book of Revelation is going to kick into gear."