'You've Been Trumped': What the Critics Are Saying

You've Been Trumped Still - H 2012

You've Been Trumped Still - H 2012

The reviews are in for the new documentary, with one critic stating: "If you didn’t hate Donald Trump before, you definitely will after this riveting and infuriating exposé."

Donald Trump has found himself the subject of another documentary. This time, You've Been Trumped, which opens Friday and its directed by Anthony Baxter, features the magnata's destruction of a beautiful Scottish seaside to make way for what he claims will be the "world's best golf resort."

You've Been Trumped currently holds a tepid score of 78 percent on RottenTomatoes.

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Read below for a sampling of reviews from top film critics:

The Hollywood Reporter's John DeFore reveals that "You've Been Trumped turns our attention to the ugly truths behind a real estate empire's tacky gleam and reminds us that, unlike the reality-show contestants who'll do anything not to be 'fired,' not all those who face Donald Trump's bullying have submitted to it voluntarily."

DeFore also adds: "More galling is what happens to those who refuse to leave their land: Water and electrical services are sabotaged, bulldozers build mountains of earth to block seaside views, and property is damaged and stolen, with dubious boundary claims as justification."

The New York Times' Stephen Holden describes the mogul in the doc saying, "Trump comes across as an insensitive, lying bully who will do whatever it takes to realize his dream of creating what he promises will be the world’s greatest golf resort."

Holden adds: "The film delves into the problems encountered by Mr. Forbes and neighbors who band together to protest the development. Mr. Forbes loses his electricity and water. Enormous piles of dirt and sand are dumped near cottages, blocking their ocean views, and homeowners are taken to court in petty boundary disputes."

Elizabeth Weitzman from New York Daily News says, "It’s unlikely that another documentary will ever be made about the fascinating fight between Donald Trump and the Scottish homeowners he attempted to evict while building his Aberdeenshire golf course," then she adds "We must, therefore, recommend that you go see this one."

However, The Guardian's Catherine Shoard emphasizes that the doc is "a tub-thumper, a stonking panto smackdown between Donald Trump, riding roughshod over the law and the landscape in his bid to build a colossal golf course in Aberdeenshire, and the revolted locals fighting compulsory purchase. You've Been Trumped works rousingly as that: first-time director Anthony Baxter neatly marshals arguments and wrangles warring sides."

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New York Mag's critic goes so far to say: "If you didn’t hate Donald Trump before, you definitely will after this riveting and infuriating exposé."

Finally, Marshall Fine from Huffington Post writes, "As he runs roughshod over a pristine bit of Scottish environment in pursuit of putting his name on yet another piece of the planet, you'll find yourself wishing for nothing so much as the chance to be in his proximity with a rotten tomato or, perhaps, a large whipped-cream pie."

Fine also comments on the director performance, saying:  "You've Been Trumped isn't particularly revelatory, nor is it an outstanding piece of film-making. Director Anthony Baxter does what he can with what he's got, but he only has so much to work with."