FAA Axing Donald Trump-Inspired Air Navigation Codes: "DONLD," "TRMMP" and "UFIRD"

Donald Trump Airplane - H 2015
AP Images

Donald Trump Airplane - H 2015

"In general, the FAA chooses names that are noncontroversial."

Even the Federal Aviation Administration is done with Donald Trump in the wake of his controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants.

The FAA announced Friday it is renaming three airplane navigational points that were initially named after the real estate magnate. The navigation points are located above Palm Beach International Airport and are titled "DONLD," "TRMMP" and "UFIRD."

The New York Times reports an air traffic controller who liked The Apprentice was responsible for originally naming the codes in 2010. Navigational points denote coordinates in the sky in which pilots can fly into and follow. Their code names often relate to their location.

"In general, the FAA chooses names that are noncontroversial,” FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown told the newspaper.

There is also a coordinate named IVNKA ONE after Trump's daughter Ivanka, but it is unclear whether that name will change as well.

The FAA joins a growing list of organizations disassociating from Trump, including NBC, Macys and ESPN.