Donald Trump Gets His Secret Service Code Name (Report)

AP Photo/Rich Schultz
Donald Trump

The billionaire businessman, along with fellow Republican candidate Ben Carson, was granted top protection last week.

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been granted Secret Service protection, and on Tuesday, his code name was revealed.

The billionaire businessman has been assigned the name “Mogul,” according to Ed Henry, Fox News' chief White House correspondent. Trump's detail reports for the first time Wednesday.

Both Trump and fellow GOP frontrunner Ben Carson were assigned Secret Service details last week, authorized by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Carson has been assigned the name “Eli,” a reference to the biblical figure, reported Henry.

Secret Service code names are not considered sensitive material.

A request for comment from Trump's campaign was not immediately returned.

In 2012, GQ revealed the names used by then-GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney, who chose to be called "Javelin," and Rick Santorum, who chose "Petrus."

President Barack Obama’s code name is "Renegade," wife Michelle's is "Renaissance," and the first daughters' are "Radiance" and "Rosebud," according to numerous reports. Vice President Joe Biden chose "Celtic."