What Donald Trump's Palm Says About His Personality and Leadership Skills

Trump-Palm Reader-hand-H 2016
Alex Wong/Getty Images; Photographed By Jai Lennard

"This person truly thinks they are the authority and know what is best."

A picture can say a thousand words, but what about a palm? The Hollywood Reporter enlisted celebrity palmist and hand analyst Lisa Greenfield, (she has read over 20,000 palms, including those of Quentin Tarantino, Dustin Hoffman and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa) to do a blind reading of Donald Trump’s palm. Using an image of the hand impression created in 1997 to build Trump’s Madame Tussauds wax figure, Greenfield pointed out the markings that illustrate the presidential hopeful’s character traits. 

A really low set little finger (#1) shows he vastly underestimates himself, which adds to the defensiveness of the personality.

The heart line (#3) can make people good "air traffic controllers" — capable of keeping a lot of balls in the air at once. The challenge for a person like this is always, always, always managing their minds!

His head line (#4) ends in the shocking Uranus region (#10). This really adds to the capacity of his words and actions to shock people.  This combination makes someone a lightning rod for polarized responses.  

There are markings for conflict between the "family" or the traditional, accepted way of doing things and the way this person does things (#6). The life (#9), head (#4) and rogue heart lines all meet here. Without strong support this person feels like they are pushing water uphill because opposition has the ability to get inside their mind.  

There is a small spot ( #7) near the game-changer line (#8) that shows this person is capable of speaking up and out in public, but they are not always as comfortable as they appear doing so. It’s highly likely this person had a mentor relationship and as they outgrew the mentor, separation created real inner conflict that may well have erupted publicly. This separation could be divorce as well. 

The #8 line is what I refer to as "The Game-Changer." This person is a natural teacher and knows how to tell a story. The line starts in the Pluto area (#5) which means he had an intense childhood. Their challenging childhood wasn't easy, partly because they are a game changer. They shake up the status quo of any room they walk into and people sense the power but don’t always understand it. It polarizes others, and this person winds up evoking strong reactions from people without understanding why that happens.

This person's space (#11) between Saturn (middle finger) and Jupiter (pointer finger) can mean they are a leader, but more of a situational leader. This person truly thinks they are the authority and know what is best.