Donald Trump on 'Hannity': I'll "Hit" Opponents With My First TV Ads This Week

Sean Hannity Still - H 2015

"Anyone that hits me, we're going to hit them 10 times harder."

Donald Trump is ready to fight fire with fire.

The presidential candidate appeared on Fox News' Hannity on Tuesday, where he told host Sean Hannity that he would launch TV ads later this week for the first time in his campaign. This follows a dip in his Iowa poll numbers, where GOP opponents have recently run TV spots against him. 

"Anyone that hits me, we're going to hit them 10 times harder," Trump promised. "We have more money than anybody else by a factor of about a thousand."

"We're going to start some ads over the next two days — certainly in Iowa we're going to start ads, and in New Hampshire, and I think in South Carolina, too," the real estate mogul continued.

Trump pointed out that he has thus far "spent nothing" on his campaign because "we haven't needed it," but that is set to change. "We're going to spend a little bit of money over the next three or four weeks," he confirmed.

"I think the negative ads are going to hurt the Republicans much more than it's going to hurt me," Trump predicted.

Trump took issue with Obama's Monday quips centering on the GOP candidates having groused about the CNBC debate moderators. 

"Even comments like that are very divisive comments," Trump said of Obama, calling him a "terrible president."

Trump also briefly discussed his upcoming Saturday Night Live hosting gig, with Trump set to take the stage at Studio 8H this Saturday. "It will be a lot of fun," he said. Trump was not asked about the protesters who feel NBC should rescind its offer to have Trump host, given his recent incendiary remarks about immigrants.