Donald Trump, Harvey Levin Tour Trump Tower in Fox News Special

Fox News/Facebook

'OBJECTified' aimed to tell Trump's story through his belongings.

Donald Trump has nothing to hide when it comes to his opulent suite in Trump Tower.

In the hourlong special OBJECTified: Donald Trump, which aired Friday on Fox News, Trump went on a tour of his home with TMZ's Harvey Levin, who aimed to tell Trump's story through his belongings.

The tour was conducted in September, before Trump became president-elect. Levin and Trump walked throughout the nominee's suite together, stopping along the way to discuss photos and other keepsakes.

Trump talked to Levin about everything from growing up in Queens, N.Y. — "It wasn't opulent, but it was a great environment" — to overlooking Central Park now. "I may be more quaint than you would think," said Trump, telling Levin that he stops by the house where he grew up often.

He admitted that he grew up spoiled, though his father was "tough." He said that he had "firm, loving" parents, and that his father passed down his "big heart" to his children.

Trump showed Levin his yearbook from military school, which he attended "for discipline reasons." Trump explained that he was "rebellious" as a kid, often "rambunctious" in class, which is why his father sent him to the school upstate.

"It was great structure for me. It structuralized my thinking and my life. It had a great impact on me," he said of the school, which influenced his "good feeling" about the military later in life.

On his children, Trump said he "tries not to spoil them." "I think it's important to make children understand the value of a dollar ... the value of achievement." He emphasized that he had rules for all of his kids: "No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes."

Showing Levin the chair from the boardroom of The Apprentice, he said deciding not to continue the show "was a tough decision," but he is grateful for what he learned on the series. "It may have helped me develop a certain skill for television," explained Trump. "I was playing myself, so in that case, I had sort of an easy job."

"What you have to do in show business and politics is be yourself."

Trump spoke lovingly about his brother Freddy, who passed away in his 40s. Trump said that he "never had a drink" because of his brother's alcoholism. "If you don't start, you're never going to have a problem."

Levin and Trump discussed his love of sports, touching on Tom Brady's Deflategate (Trump thinks Brady was innocent) and his attitude toward sports in general: "I don't like losing."