Donald Trump Posts What Looks Like Opposition Research Against Hillary Clinton to Campaign Website

Donald Trump - Getty - H  2016
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Donald Trump - Getty - H  2016

Subtitles for the notes include "ISIS everywhere," "Iran closer than ever to nukes" and "Syria in Chaos."

Donald Trump confused some on Wednesday when he posted what appeared to be opposition research against Hillary Clinton to his official campaign website. 

This type of information — findings that could be damaging to an opponent — is usually leaked to the press in order to drum up negative stories in political races. 

However, the GOP presidential nominee posted a portion of his team's research against Clinton, who this week became the first woman in history to become a presidential candidate for one of the two major U.S. parties, for all to peruse. 

Subtitles for the research includes "ISIS everywhere," "Iran closer than ever to nukes" and "Syria in Chaos." 

Some political reporters took note through social media of the peculiar move.

“Trump just posted oppo notes on Clinton to his site. If you’ve seen oppo, you recognize it,” Huffington Post political reporter Christina Wilkie said on Twitter. 

In addition to it being posted on the campaign website, some of the opposition research was emailed to supporters while the Democratic National Convention was in progress on Wednesday. A number of high-profile speakers took part in the evening, including President Obama, who was the last to speak. 

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

See some of the reaction to the research posts below: