Donald Trump: "I'll Win the Latino Vote"

Donald Trump - H 2015
AP Images

Donald Trump - H 2015

"They love me."

Donald Trump is not concerned that his comments claiming Mexican immigrants are rapists and drug dealers will affect his ability to net Latino votes in the 2016 presidential election. In fact, he's confident that if he is the Republican candidate, he will win the Latino vote.

"I'll win the Latino vote because I'll create jobs," Trump said in an interview with NBC's Katy Tur. "I'll create jobs and the Latinos will have jobs they didn't have, I'll do better on that vote than anybody; I will win that vote."

"They love me," he said, referring to the Latino community.

He expanded on his comments about undocumented immigrants. "Mexico doesn't want these people. They're forcing them into our country, and we're taking them and putting them in our jails and our hospitals and it's a disgrace," Trump told Tur.

Trump said he doesn't care about all of the companies and networks that have dropped their association with him. “Yeah, I'm losing some contracts — who cares? People — politically they're weak, and they want to be politically correct," he said. "Compared to what I have, [the monetary loss resulting from the severed business relationships] doesn't matter. … I would still do this."

In fact, Trump is proud that he brought up immigration in the first place.

"You wouldn't be hearing about the word immigration if it weren't for Donald Trump," Trump said. "I brought the whole subject up!"