Donald Trump Invites a Supporter From Colombia Onstage

Trump Supporter C-SPAN - H 2015
Courtesy of YouTube/C-SPAN

"We vote for Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump, we love you!" yelled the fan of the GOP presidential hopeful.

Donald Trump pulled a supporter who claimed to be from Colombia onstage with him while stumping in Las Vegas on Thursday. 

"I swear to you — I think she is totally beautiful and great — I never met her before, I swear," Trump said as the fan waved a mini American flag in one hand.

When she got onstage, Trump hugged her and kissed her head.

"I vote for Mr. Trump!" the fan yelled. "We vote for Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump, we love you!"

Trump was previously criticized for remarks he made during the early stages of his presidential campaign when he said many of the undocumented immigrants from Mexico are killers, rapists and drug dealers. Once elected, he said, he will build a massive wall along the border and deport undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

Before bringing the woman onstage, Trump was marveling at how many magazine covers he has been on since announcing his GOP bid for the White House, saying it was 14 and remarking "I'm on more covers than any super model in history, can you believe it?"

Happy with the recent story about himself and his family in People, Trump complained the picture of him for the story had been altered, specifically his nose. The female supporter had a copy of the issue, which is why Trump pulled her on stage. 

"That's so great," Trump said after signing the supporter's magazine and hugging her one more time.