Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein Discuss Women at 1992 Party in Unearthed Tape

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Donald Trump

Despite the president recently saying he was "not a fan" of Epstein, the NBC footage shows the two men conversing about the attractiveness of women.

Archival footage unearthed by NBC News of a 1992 party at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate shows him conversing with Jeffrey Epstein about women.

The president recently told reporters he has not spoken to Epstein in years and "was not a fan," after the wealthy financier was arrested and federally charged for alleged sex trafficking and conspiracy.

The November 1992 tape from the NBC archives shows Trump, surrounded by women, partying with Epstein at the Mar-a-Lago estate, now a private club, more than a decade before Epstein pleaded guilty to felony prostitution charges in Florida.

Despite Trump recently saying he was "not a fan" of Epstein's, the video shows the two men conversing about the attractiveness of women at that party, with, at one point, the future present whispering something into Epstein's ear that makes him double over in laughter.

The 1992 footage was shot for Faith Daniels’ talk show, A Closer Look ;  it would be part of a profile of the then-newly divorced Trump’s lifestyle.

As per usual, Trump comments in the footage on how he believes the segment will get "great ratings."

Epstein is currently behind bars, awaiting a bail decision set for Thursday.