Donald Trump Accuses Jon Stewart of 'Racist Rant' about Herman Cain (Video)

Donald Trump
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NBC execs pushed Donald Trump to break the news that he would not be running for president -- and would stay put as the bombastic boardroom honcho on "The Celebrity Apprentice" -- at the network's upfront presentation May 16 at the New York Hilton. 

On "The Daily Show" on Monday, Stewart joked about Cain’s response to questions about two sexual harassment claims against the Republican presidential candidate.

Donald Trump, known for his public battles with everyone from Rosie O’Donnell to Barbara Walters and President Obama, has set his lasers on The Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

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On his show on Monday, Stewart was commenting on the recent reports that two women had accused Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of inappropriate sexual advances. The report said that the National Restaurant Association had paid the women.

When Fox News asked Cain if he had ever paid anyone to resolve harassment claims, Cain said, "outside of the Restaurant Association, absolutely not."

Stewart jumped on Cain’s comment, joking in a faux-Italian accent, saying it was similar to answering a question about whether he’d ever kidnapped a baby with, "Well, other than the Lindbergh boy, no."

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Trump released a video on Wednesday expressing his anger at the imitation of Cain, which Trump took to be making fun of him and using an accent to sound like Cain.

“How come Jon Stewart gets away with a very, very racist rant about Herman Cain?”  Trump opens in his video.

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“It’s not what he said, but the way he said it. The tone of his voice, “ Trump said . “Unbelievable. Anybody else, deep, deep trouble."

"Imus got taken off the air," Trump said. "Other people get taken off the air, and when he says it, people smile and they sort of say, 'Wow, I can't believe he gets away with that."

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"I like Jon Stewart I hope they don't take him off the air. But frankly, for this, they probably should, at least for a while," he said.

Watch Donald Trump's full video below:

And Jon Stewart’s original commentary: