Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien Mock Donald Trump-Jorge Ramos Tiff

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"I'll send them all chairs, Trump chairs. ... I'll tell them all to sit down and shut up. ... If they're still standing, I'll send my security guy ... to kick 'em off Earth," someone impersonating the Republican presidential candidate told O'Brien.

Donald Trump's ongoing feud with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was still a hot topic on Wednesday's late-night shows. Both Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O'Brien mocked Trump's contentious exchange with Ramos during the former's Iowa press conference on Tuesday.

The shows aired clips from the conference, in which Trump insisted Ramos hadn't been called on and repeatedly told him to sit down before adding, "Go back to Univision." Ramos then was escorted out of the event, with Trump claiming in subsequent comments that Ramos was screaming and ranting.

Joked Kimmel, "You don't do that in front of Donald Trump — that's Donald Trump's thing."

The ABC late-night host, who also joked that Trump's "already kicking Mexicans out," decided to have some fun with the Trump clip and the fact that Wednesday was National Dog Day. Specifically, he wondered whether a group of dogs would obey Trump's repeated command to "sit down."

Watch the clip to find out, and hear Kimmel make a canine-inspired Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump joke.

Over on TBS, Conan O'Brien also took on the Trump-Ramos dispute. O'Brien and sidekick Andy Richter were talking about the exchange at O'Brien's desk, insisting Trump overreacted and that Ramos wasn't screaming — when O'Brien's phone rang, and Trump, or someone pretending to be him, was on the line.

After O'Brien's fake Trump told the host he was "dead wrong about the press conference," he interrupted O'Brien to exhort him to sit down.

O'Brien: "Sir, I am sitting down."

The Trump imitator shot back, "Then sit lower. You're annoying me." He also insisted that O'Brien, who wasn't screaming, "stop yelling" and "use your indoor voice."

The impersonator continued to lash out at Ramos with several offensive stereotypes.

"That Latino reporter was a mad man. He was like a motorized pinata full of hot sauce," said the Trump imitator. "Listen, I'm telling you, Conan, Speedy Gonzales ran right at me."

O'Brien also asked how Trump will handle diplomacy with foreign leaders, something people are wondering about, in light of what happened with Ramos. It turns out the presidential candidate has a multistep plan — involving sitting down and shutting up.

"That's a piece of cake," said the Trump imitator. "Step one: I'll send them all chairs, Trump chairs. Step two: I'll tell them all to sit down, and shut up. Step three: If they're still standing, I'll send my security guy — you saw him, he's huge — to kick 'em off Earth. Step four: America is great again."

When O'Brien called this strategy "ridiculous," the fake Trump had one of his security guards remove O'Brien from his own show.