Donald Trump Jr. Pokes Fun at His 'SNL' Impression

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Donald Trump Jr.

One member of the Trump family doesn't mind his onscreen portrayal.

It appears that at least one Trump has a sense of humor about Saturday Night Live's version of him. 

The younger Donald Trump posted a photo to Instagram this week, showing that unlike his father, who has regularly attacked SNL this season as "the worst of NBC" and "a complete hit job," he takes the show's impersonations with a grain of salt. 

He and his brother Eric were portrayed on Saturday's episode, during a "Weekend Update" segment in which they appeared to assure the country that President Trump has no say in their day-to-day business affairs. 

Eric (Alex Moffatt) and Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day) told SNL's Colin Jost that the brothers are now fully in charge of the company, but the highlight of the segment was Eric Trump, who proudly told everyone about how he "drove the golf car," ate Cheerios out of a baggy when he got hungry and tried desperately to open a Capri Sun. 

In response to the sketch, Trump Jr. posted a photo of himself eating Cheerios on Instagram, with a message, "Dear @nbcsnl I stole somebody's snack today (hint it may be Eric). Don't tell him. #heshungry."

He also offered to come on the show in case castmember Day wasn't available: "PS if you ever need a Don Jr fill in I'm available and I do a much better job with the hair than Mikey." 

See the original "Weekend Update" segment below.