Donald Trump Jr. Praises 'Roseanne' Reboot, Implores Comic to Tackle Late Night Next

The president's son congratulated the comedian on her show's massive return while also criticizing late-night hosts for their political leanings.

The president's son, Donald Trump Jr., took to Twitter on Wednesday to celebrate the success of Roseanne Barr's rebooted sitcom, Roseanne, which debuted to stellar ratings Tuesday night on ABC. In the latest version of the show, Barr's character is a supporter of President Trump. 

In a tweet quoting the numbers from the sitcom's premiere, Trump Jr. wrote, "Wow amazing. Congrats @therealroseanne. If you’re not too busy already maybe work in a late night show too... seems there’s some demand for an alternate viewpoint."

Barr, who is outspoken on social media, has come under fire for some recent statements. In deleted posts, she has criticized Parkland, Florida, teens and has often voiced support for President Trump — whom she has said she voted for — often seen as a rarity in Hollywood.

Trump Jr.'s tweet not only praised the comedian for her show's ratings, which came in as the highest-rated regularly scheduled scripted show for the last few seasons and the highest-rated sitcom broadcast in over three years — but also criticized the current crop of late-night hosts, whose politics heavily skew left and whom Trump Jr. has openly taken issue with on social media in the past.

Whether intentional or not, Trump Jr. — who has also gotten his fair share of critiquing from late-night hosts — in his tweet may also have been noting the much-publicized lack of female voices in late night as well.

Barr, herself, is not shy about the subject. In a recent appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the comedian was pressed by the host as to why she voted for Trump. Kimmel said he was "shocked" that the "very socially liberal" Barr would vote for Trump, to which she responded, “I’m still the same, you all moved. You all went so fucking far out, you lost everything."