Donald Trump Launches a Second Fragrance, in Case You Missed The First One (Poll)

Donald Trump The Friars Club Honors Larry King - P 2012
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Donald Trump The Friars Club Honors Larry King - P 2012

The mogul's follow-up scent is said to be "aspirational," which means it must evoke the sweet smell of success.

The indomitable Donald Trump has just announced his second fragrance deal.

Yes, you read that right. Numero dos. The outspoken mogul and Celebrity Apprentice star, who attempted to brand a Trump fragrance in 2004, is releasing another one and it will retail exclusively at Macy’s, starting next month.  And this time, the focus is not on Trump's oft-abrasive and overbearing personality, but his financial and business status and his luxury lifestyle. In other words, it smells like money, big buckets of money.

The scent for men, called "Success by Trump," is "aspirational" and based "on more than his name and him personally," said Rafael Villoldo, vice president of Perfumania Holdings Inc., in a news release. "It is the lifestyle and the aspiration to what he represents -- wealth. The Trump family represents success."

This may not be such a great time to launch a new Trump fragrance, considering all the furor over his son Donald Trump Jr.'s safari hunting photos leaked on the web. He and his brother Eric Trump posed besides the carcasses of all the animals they killed: an elephant, a leopard, crocodile, a water bufffalo, a waterbuck, a civet cat and a kudo. The backlash has already caused one sponsor (Camping World) to cancel ads on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, despite the fact that Trump's son has taken to Twitter to defend his kills as providing a week's worth of meat to feed a village in Zimbabwe.

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Never mind the unfortunate timing. Trump now joins other male celebrities who have fragrances such as Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Enrique Iglesias, David Beckham and Tiger Woods. Other good-smelling famous dudes include: Carlos Santana, Antonia Banderas, P. Diddy and Alan Cumming.

New in the celebrity scent market is Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine with a new fragrance called 222, one for guys, the other for the ladies. And he's taken a little heat for his previous slams of celebrities who launch fragrances.

We wish The Donald all the luck with his new fragrance venture. But we gotta ask: would you buy it? And if so, would you tell people you're wearing Eau du Donald?