'Live With Kelly and Michael': Trump Defends Muslim Ban, Jokes He'll Make Ivanka Vice President

Courtesy of ABC

The Republican frontrunner also said he's done "virtually no commercials," adding, "I get so much television. Can you imagine, you go all program Trump and then you have a commercial Trump, people would get sick, they'd get sick and I don't know what they'd do."

Donald Trump stopped by daytime talk show Live With Kelly and Michael on Wednesday in an appearance designed to promote his new book, Cripped America. But the Republican presidential candidate found himself being asked about his controversial proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., which he announced on Monday.

Trump, as he's done in numerous interviews since he announced his plan, continued to defend his idea, which he said would be a limited-time thing.

"We're going to have tremendous problems and it's getting worse and worse. And those problems are coming from a certain sector," Trump said. "I did it for a limited period of time, but our country has to get its act together. We have people that don't know what they're doing and we need safety. We want to make America great again, but we need safety in our country."

When Kelly Ripa suggested that it might violate the freedom of religion protection afforded by the First Amendment, Trump said, "These are people who are outside of the country, so we're not really talking about the constitution. This is not about religion; this is about safety."

Trump also talked about other campaign issues, with Ripa pushing him to reveal who he's considering as his vice president. Trump declined to name names, saying simply, "I like some of the people onstage with me and I like a lot of the Republicans generally … I don't think very much about the vice presidency for one simple reason: I want to win [the nomination] first."

But later he joked that he's thinking of naming his daughter Ivanka as his vice-president. As he was clarifying he was joking, Trump felt the need to point out that when he said, a few years ago, that he would date his daughter if he wasn't already taken, that that was also a joke.

"I said on a certain show — my daughter's a beautiful young woman — so I said, and I said it joking, everybody laughed, everybody laughed. I said, 'My daughter's so beautiful that if I weren't married, etc., etc. I'd be dating her.' Cute. It was cute. Everybody laughed ... The next day [the headline was] 'Trump Wants to Date His Daughter.'"

Trump also joked (or at least he seemed to be joking) that he might give his close friend Regis Philbin a cabinet position.

The real estate mogul-turned-presidential candidate also said that he'd done "virtually no commercials," explaining that while others have spent tens of millions on ads,"I'm probably $25-$30 million under budget, which makes me happy, it's always nice."

He indicated he didn't need to advertise because he's getting free publicity on TV shows.

"I get so much television," he said. "Can you imagine, you go all program Trump and then you have a commercial Trump, people would get sick, they'd get sick, and I don't know what they'd do."

Watch Trump's full interview below, including a clip from his first Live appearance in 1989, in which he talked about how he doesn't want to enter politics.