Petition Urging Macy's to Fire Donald Trump Reaches 520,000 (Video)

Trump Expands "Celebrity Apprentice"

NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" returns Feb. 12 for its fifth cycle -- and 12th overall in The Apprentice franchise -- upping the number of contestants (to 18) and episodes (to 15). "It's hard to top the past few seasons, but we think we've done it," Donald Trump tells THR of his new cast.

"Trump’s brand is consequence-free bullying," organizer Angelo Carusone tells THR.

More than 520,000 people have now signed a petition asking Macy’s to tell Donald Trump, "you're fired." 

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The petition, sponsored by the liberal group, charges Trump with repeatedly making sexist and “racially charged” comments and says his words go against Macy’s own social responsibility policy. It urges the department store to stop carrying Trump’s brand of clothes and fragrances.

“Trump’s brand is consequence-free bullying,” petition organizer Angelo Carusone tells The Hollywood Reporter. Carusone previously organized a campaign lobbying Fox News Channel to fire Glenn Beck, and says he was partially inspired to start the Trump petition after the real estate mogul offered $5 million to charity for President Barack Obama to release his passport and school records. 

"There are perverse incentives that reward Mr. Trump for being totally irresponsible, reckless and mean spirited," Carusone says, citing a recent Macy’s ad that makes light of Trump questioning Obama’s country of origin. (Watch the ad at the bottom of this story.)

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For his part, Trump took to Twitter Tuesday to tout his brand.

Along the way, Trump got involved with a Twitter fracas with Cher, who on Sunday lent her support for the petition, tweeting she’d never go to Macy’s again and calling trump a “LOUDMOUTH.”

On Tuesday, she upped the ante:

Trump responded in kind:

Some online commenters have accused the petition of stifling Trump’s freedom of speech, but Carusone argues that's not the case, because it isn't asking a government entity to stop the famously opinionated Apprentice star from sounding off.

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“I’m sensitive to that issue,” Carusone says. “If people really want a place where we can comfortably engage in a robust discussion about robust ideas -- the reality is that the kind of bullying Trump is engaged in doesn’t help that environment.”

Macy's did not immediately respond to THR's request for comment, but has indicated in statements that it will stick with Trump.