Donald Trump on Macy's Protester: He's 'Helping' Business

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Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Republican strategists call the "Apprentice" star's planned presidential debate a "circus" that might embarrass the party days before the key Iowa caucus.

The “Apprentice” star tweeted that a lawsuit against Dump Trump organizer Angelo Carusone isn’t viable because the petition is actually helping sales of his merchandise.

Donald Trump may have reason to thank the man protesting his business relationship with Macy’s -- at least according to a series of biting tweets the Apprentice star unleashed Wednesday.

One day after The Hollywood Reporter reported Trump’s lawyer threatened to sue Dump Trump organizer Angelo Carusone for $25 million in damages because of his protest, the real estate mogul tweeted that the anti-Trump campaign had actually made “people aware of how good” his Macy’s products were.

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“Looks like a lawsuit against GoAngelo won’t work -- my ties & shirts doing too well at Macy’s -- he's actually helping. I have no damages!” he tweeted. (Read all of Trump’s tweets on the subject below.)

Carusone has been protesting Macy’s relationship with Trump since November, asking the retailer to stop featuring Trump in its advertising and to cease carrying his brand of clothing and fragrances. The campaign, which has attracted 680,000 signatures on the left-leaning, also has organized protests at key Macy’s locations, including arranging for mobile billboards to circle Macy's corporate headquarters and flagship store in New York prior to Christmas.

He told THR on Tuesday he would not stop the protest, despite having received a letter from Trump’s attorney charging him with “malicious efforts” to interfere with Trump’s business relationships and threatening him and his associates with a lawsuit. On Wednesday, he fired back at Trump with some tweets of his own:

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