Donald Trump: That's Really Me Tweeting

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The GOP presidential candidate admits he crossed the line once over social media.

Donald Trump runs his own Twitter account.

The GOP presidential frontrunner either sends his own tweets or dictates them to his assistant to send, he told the New York Times

Trump, who has more than 4.3 million followers, loves the social media app, which he has used constantly since announcing his bid for the White House.

“I wish it were longer on 10 percent of the occasions," the former Apprentice host said of Twitter's 140 character limit. 

Mike Berland, a political operative who worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, told The Times he has never seen anything like what Trump is accomplishing on the app. 

“This is not just a rally that happens once in a while," he said, "this is a continuous Trump rally that happens on Twitter at all hours. He fills the Twitter stadium every day.”

As he does in interviews, Trump speaks his mind over social media, and it's usually pretty brutal. However, he did acknowledge that one time he went too far. 

Trump insulted 1950s movie star Kim Novak when she made a rare public appearance during last year's Academy Awards. 

“I would have preferred I didn’t send it,” Trump told The Times. “That was done in fun, but sometimes you do things in fun and they turn out to be hurtful, and I don’t like doing that.”

However, the tweet is still posted.

“One of the things I do find is that when you delete it, it becomes a bigger story than having it,” Trump said.