New Mexican Soccer Ad Taunts Donald Trump in His Own Words: "We Don't Have Victories Anymore"

Donald Trump, GOP Debate - H 2015
AP Images

Donald Trump, GOP Debate - H 2015

New TV Azteca promo ad tests Trump's insults on the field.

Mexico's second biggest broadcaster, TV Azteca, is having ball with Donald Trump's attacks on Mexicans and his belief that Americans don't "have victories anymore."

A new ad promoting the channel's coverage of the upcoming 2015 Confederation Cup playoff clash on October 10 between the U.S. and Mexico, plays Trump's own denigrating words about Mexicans against images of Mexican soccer teams triumphing over the U.S. on the soccer field.

In a triumphant moment of a slightly different variety, Trump's line, "When Mexico is sending us its people, it's not sending their best" is juxtaposed with images of Mexican players being welcomed by the U.S.'s own Major Soccer League teams for which they've been recruited to play.

The ad draws to a close with the Mexican team El Tri's recent Gold Cup victory over the U.S. — in Philadelphia — as Trump laments, "Our country is in serious trouble …The American Dream is dead."

Watch the full ad below.