Donald Trump Reacts to Adolf Hitler Comparisons

Donald Trump Super Saturday - Getty - H 2016
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Comedian Louis C.K. and some world leaders, such as Mexican president Pena Nieto, made the comparison.

Donald Trump is dismissing critics who have recently compared the billionaire businessman to Adolf Hitler. 

Over the phone Tuesday morning, the GOP presidential frontrunner told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America that likening him to Hitler is "terrible" and that he is "not happy." 

Trump said he was not aware celebrities, including Louis C.K., and some world leaders, such as Mexican president Pena Nieto, were comparing him to Hitler. "I don't want that comparison," he added. 

Over the weekend, C.K. made headlines after telling fans in an email blast: "Please stop it with voting for Trump. It was funny for a little while. But the guy is Hitler. And by that I mean that we are being Germany in the ’30s." 

Trump has also drawn compressions to Hitler after asking supporters at multiple rallies to raise their right hand and swear to vote in their primaries. Pictures of the incidents posted to social media show a display some call reminiscent of the Nazi salute. 

Asked by Stephanopoulos if the comparison perhaps means he should "tone down" his rhetoric and tactics, Trump replied, "maybe so." He then quickly added that he has a large following, and "I have to be strong." 

During the same interview, Stephanopoulos also mentioned comments made by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who on Monday announced he would not seek an independent bid for the White House, and, at the same time, blasted Trump. 

"I have known Mr. Trump casually for many years, and we have always been on friendly terms," Bloomberg said in his announcement. "But he has run the most divisive and demagogic presidential campaign I can remember, preying on people’s prejudices and fears. Abraham Lincoln, the father of the Republican Party, appealed to our 'better angels.' Trump appeals to our worst impulses."

Trump's response was short.

"I guess he disagrees with what I’m saying, but a lot of people agree with what I’m saying," he said.