Donald Trump Rehearses GOP Convention Speech Behind Gold Podium on Gold-Trimmed Stage

Trump Gold Stage - H 2016
Ryan Parker

Trump Gold Stage - H 2016

"I love the media. They're such honorable people," the GOP presidential nominee joked during the microphone check.

CLEVELAND — A new podium was placed on the Republican National Convention stage with a gold trimming, which also was a gold color, when Donald Trump did a dry run Thursday morning for his speech later in the evening. 

It is unclear if the stage will be gold for all the speakers, including Trump's daughter, Ivanka, or if it will all be changed for Trump, who speaks last and closes the four-day event held this year in Cleveland. In his remarks, he will officially accept the nomination as the Republican party's presidential candidate.

Reporters and photographers were allowed to be on the floor of the Quicken Loans Arena, at a distance, while both Trump and his oldest daughter gave feedback on the look of the stage and changes they wanted made. 

When it was time for Trump to do his microphone check, he said, "I love the media. They're such honorable people," which got a huge cheer from the floor. "It's about time I said that," he added. 

Trump also said he thought Cleveland put on a great event.