Donald Trump Reimagined as Curvy Pageant Queen on The New Yorker Cover

October 10, 2016 Cover of The New Yorker - P - 2016

What would the Republican presidential nominee have to say about this?

Monday evening's debate was chock-full of memorable one-liners ("a very against police judge") and zings ("I prepared to be president") from both candidates. However, it was Hillary Clinton's mention of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado — whom Donald Trump called "Miss Piggy" as well as "Miss Housekeeping" following her post-win weight gain — that inspired The New Yorker's Oct. 10 cover, available next week.

Illustrator Barry Blitt gave Mr. Trump a Miss Congeniality makeover, complete with a glittering leotard, a tiara, red heels and, to top it off, mascara-streaked tears that would make Lauren Conrad proud. The intention is clear: to give the Republican nominee a taste of his own judgmental medicine. In a release, Blitt noted that of all Trump's vices, his treatment of women "might just be his Achilles' heel."

We can't be sure if Alec Baldwin, who has been cast as SNL's recurring Trump for the upcoming season, will take on this new vision of the presidential candidate, but we can dream.