Donald Trump Rips Megyn Kelly, Fox News During 'O'Reilly Factor' Interview

Bill O'Reilly Trump Split - H 2016
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Bill O'Reilly Trump Split - H 2016

"It was a taunt, and I said, 'How much do you take?'" the billionaire businessman said of the network's mocking statement.

Donald Trump stood firm in his decision to boycott the Fox News Republican debate when he appeared Wednesday on The O'Reilly Factor

The pre-taped interview with host Bill O'Reilly took place a day after the GOP presidential frontrunner announced he would not take part in Thursday's Fox News primary debate. Trump made the decision because he felt slighted by the network for a mocking statement it released about him on Tuesday. 

"It was a taunt, and I said, 'How much do you take?'" Trump said, calling the statement "childish." 

He added, "I don't like being taken advantage of, in this case I was being taken advantage of by Fox [News]."

The interview was cordial until O'Reilly asked Trump to reconsider his debate boycott.

"We had an agreement that you would not ask me that," said a clearly irritated Trump.

The billionaire businessman said he is not walking away from the event, but said rather, "I was pushed away."

Trump officially announced Wednesday afternoon that he would hold an event to "benefit veterans' organizations" at the same time as the Republican debate. 
During the O'Reilly Factor interview, Trump also continued to criticize Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

"I have zero respect for Megyn Kelly," he said. "I think she is highly overrated."

Before he withdrew from the debate, Trump demanded Kelly not be a moderator because she, in his opinion, is biased against him. 

Watch the full video below.