Donald Trump Says Burqas Are Easy for Women: "You Don't Have to Put On Makeup"

Donald Trump Late Show Still - H 2015

“I’m ready darling, let’s go."

If Donald Trump were a woman, he'd choose a burqa over putting on makeup, the GOP candidate said Monday.

Addressing a crowd in Atkinson, New Hampshire, Trump said burqas don't represent oppression because Middle Eastern women want to wear the conservative Muslim garment. The U.S., for that reason, shouldn't get involved in issuing policy about religious head coverings. "What they hell are we getting involved for?" Trump asked.

Going even further, the former Apprentice host asserted that a veil is preferable to the alternative — getting done up. 

"In fact, it is easier. You don’t have to put on makeup," Trump said. "Wouldn't it be easier?" Trump asked the crowd as he mimicked covering his face. 

If Trump were a woman, the decision would be a simple one, he said. 

"I’m ready darling, let’s go," he said, again mimicking wearing the traditional Islamic veil. 

On Monday, Trump also took part in a town hall presented by NBC's Today show.