Donald Trump Says He Will Attend Next Fox News GOP Debate

Donald Trump Hampshire Hills Athletic Club on February 2, 2016 in Milford, Iowa - H 2016
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

“I have no objection to being there," the billionaire businessman says.

Donald Trump will be a part of the next Fox News debate set for March, the GOP presidential candidate confirmed Friday. 

While doing a phone interview with the Steve Malzberg Show, Trump said to count him in for the event. 

“I have no objection to being there," he said.

The interview fell on the heels of Trump finishing second in the Iowa primary, the first caucus of the season, which was held following the second Fox News debate. Trump did not attend that debate after a falling out with the network over, what Trump said, was a disrespectful statement from the network. 

The clash with Fox News began when Trump more or less demanded network personality Megyn Kelly not be a part of the second debate because she, in his opinion, treated him unfairly during the first Fox debate. The network stuck by Kelly. 

On Friday, Trump said his decision to not attend the second debate  instead hosting a fundraiser for wounded veterans  was not about Kelly's involvement. 

“That had nothing to do with Megyn Kelly, the fact that I went out of the last one,” Trump said. “It had to do with a memo that was sent out by Fox that was a little bit taunting and I said it was inappropriate. And what happened, is because I didn’t do it, I raised $6 million for the vets. So I wouldn’t have changed places. I mean, I did the right thing.”

According to a new Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll released Friday, Trump is currently in the lead in New Hampshire days out from the state's primary. 

Trump is at 29 percent in the poll while Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is in second with 19 percent, according to The Globe.

The New Hampshire primary is Feb. 9.