Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton's Celebrity Supporters "Aren't Very Hot Anymore"

Trump Tampa Rally - Getty - H 2016
Brian Blanco/Getty Images

"The only people enthusiastic about her campaign are Hollywood celebrities," he said at a rally in Florida.

Donald Trump spent some time on Wednesday questioning Hillary Clinton's Hollywood support. 

"People don’t know where she is," he told a crowd of supporters at a rally in Tampa, Fla. "Her supporters have very little enthusiasm. The only people enthusiastic about her campaign are Hollywood celebrities. In many cases, celebrities that aren’t very hot anymore."

The comment may have been in response to Clinton's recent trip to Los Angeles for a set of fundraisers that included a stop at Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's home. The star-studded gathering was co-hosted by Jennifer and Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Aniston, Yael and Scooter Braun, Shonda Rhimes and ICM Partners' Chris Silbermann

The Democratic National Convention also was a celebrity-filled event, where Meryl Streep, Lena Dunham, Elizabeth Banks, Katy Perry, Chloe Grace Moretz, Debra Messing, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, America Ferrera and more appeared in support of the presidential candidate. 

Trump continued that Clinton's supporters were mostly "Wall Street donors, special interests, lobbyists, etc., that want to control government not to the benefit of our country but to the benefit of their wallet."

"Even her protesters don't have the spirit that Bernie protesters had," he told his supporters. 

Later at a rally in Mississippi, Trump called Clinton a "bigot." She responded to the comment on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360: "He is taking a hate movement mainstream" and he is "someone who is very much pedaling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia."