Donald Trump Says Ted Cruz Committed "Fraud" in Iowa, Wants Do-Over

Trump_New_Hampshire_One_Time_Use - H 2016
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Trump_New_Hampshire_One_Time_Use - H 2016

The billionaire businessman wants a new election or the winner's votes to be nullified.

Donald Trump did not mince words Wednesday morning when he went on a Twitter rant accusing Sen. Ted Cruz of committing fraud in order to secure a victory in the Iowa primary Monday night. 

Trump came in second; Cruz beat him 28 percent to 24 percent in the vote. On Monday, the billionaire businessman was gracious in his short speech, saying he was honored by the placement and congratulated the Texas senator. However, in the days following, Trump ramped up criticism over caucus results, culminating in Wednesday's slew of accusations and a request for a "new election." 

The fraud claim stems from the Cruz campaign misleading voters by spreading a report during the caucus that rival candidate Dr. Ben Carson was suspending his campaign. Turns out, Carson was not suspending his campaign, but Cruz's campaign did not send out an updated, accurate report. Cruz apologized to Carson over the issue on Tuesday.

While appearing on the Today show on Wednesday, Trump said he is trying to be "more understated and statesman-like" when asked about his calm demeanor the morning of caucus. But on Twitter, of course, he didn't hold back: