Donald Trump Seeks Apology From "Failing" 'WSJ' Over Editorial Jab

AP Photo/Rich Schultz
Donald Trump

"No wonder it is doing poorly!"

Donald Trump is livid with The Wall Street Journal and wants an apology for a recent editorial in which he is mentioned.

On Thursday, the GOP presidential candidate took to Twitter — where he has more than 4.8 million followers — to blast the "failing" WSJ for calling him the "most protectionist nominee since [President Herbert] Hoover."

"Mr. Trump said on these pages Tuesday that he would label China a currency manipulator on his first day as president, triggering tariffs on thousands of Chinese goods," said the WSJ in an editorial titled "Republican Fault Lines." "The businessman thinks economic mercantilism is a political winner, but we doubt that starting a trade war that raises prices for Americans would turn out to be popular."

Trump, as he has done numerous times before when irate with a media outlet, aired his grievances over social media, peppering in the insults.

A request for comment from the WSJ was not immediately returned.