Donald Trump Set to Take "Action Against NBC," His Lawyer Tells CNN

Donald Trump - H 2015
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Donald Trump - H 2015

"The reality is, he's exercising his First Amendment right to free speech," Alan Garten said about Trump on Sunday's 'Reliable Sources.'

Donald Trump may pursue litigation against NBC, his lawyer told CNN on Sunday.

Alan Garten, general counsel of the Trump Organization, said on Reliable Sources that the real estate mogul is deciding how to respond after NBC ended its relationship with Trump's Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants. The flap follows Trump's incendiary comments about immigrants during a presidential campaign speech.

"I can't get into details, but certainly we will be taking action against NBC," Garten said on CNN.

"NBC is in a unique position because there's a clear conflict playing out here," Garten continued. "One aspect of NBC is a partner in the Miss Universe organization, and you've got another division which has separate agreements with the Miss Universe organization as a broadcaster."

Garten, who added that Trump is also looking into legal action against Macy's for ending its relationship with him, said NBC was obligated to air the Miss Universe pageant in 2016 and had elected to broadcast the Miss USA pageant in 2015.

Trump has already filed a $500 million lawsuit against Univision, alleging that the organization violated its contract by cutting ties with him.

"The reality is, he's exercising his First Amendment right to free speech, he is speaking his mind and he is entitled to do that," Garten said about Trump. "There is nothing unlawful about that."

Video of the segment can be seen below.

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