Donald Trump Gives Out Lindsey Graham's Cellphone Number at Campaign Rally

Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump Split - H 2015
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Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump Split - H 2015

"Give it a shot."

The fighting between Donald Trump and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham continued as Trump mocked Graham's intelligence and then publicly gave out his private cellphone number at a South Carolina campaign rally on Tuesday.

Politico reports that Trump called Graham a "lightweight" and an "idiot" before saying Graham "doesn't seem like a very bright guy." He also told a story about Graham calling Trump years ago to ask for a campaign donation and made a reference to Fox and Friends, where Trump has contacts.

Trump then gave out Graham's Washington, D.C., phone number, telling the audience to "give it a shot" and try calling their senator.

On Monday, Graham called Trump a "jackass" in a CNN interview. Graham was upset about Trump's comments insulting John McCain and his military service.

Here's Graham's campaign manager's statement about the phone number incident: