VIDEO: Donald Trump Slams Cher Over Anti-Romney Comments, Calls Her a 'Loser'

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"She’s lonely, she's unhappy, she's very miserable," the mogul said in an interview on the Fox News Channel.

Perhaps nostalgic for the bitter verbal fisticuffs he engaged in with Rosie O’Donnell six years ago, Donald Trump lashed out against Cher on Monday, calling her “miserable” and “somewhat of a loser.”

And, just for good measure, he compared her to O’Donnell, whom he famously called “unattractive,” a “bully” and also a “loser” during a feud that lasted several weeks in 2006.

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Speaking to Greta Van Susteren on the Fox News Channel, Trump said of Cher: “I’ve watched her over the years, I knew her a little bit and, you know, she reminds me of Rosie with slightly more talent. Not much more talent, but slightly more talent.”

Trump was specifically responding to Cher’s headline-grabbing political musings last week when she tweeted: “If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if I can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters.”

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Trump already tweeted his reaction to Cher’s tweet -- “@Cher attached @MittRomney.  She is an average talent who is out of touch with reality.  Like @ Rosie O’Donnell, a total loser!" – but he renewed the attack on TV Monday.

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“You resurrected Rosie into the fight by calling her a total loser. She wasn’t even in this fight,” Van Susteren said to Trump, whom she was interviewing via telephone.

“Well, I likened her to Rosie as a loser,” Trump said. “But, you know, I understand Cher, and Cher is somewhat of a loser. She’s lonely, she’s unhappy, she’s very miserable, and her sound-enhanced and computer-enhanced music doesn’t do it for me, believe me.”