Donald Trump Stays Up Late to Slam Megyn Kelly


The presidential candidate took to Twitter in the early hours on Friday following the GOP debate to criticize the Fox News host.

Donald Trump may well be getting a late start on Friday, following an early-morning Twitter session spent attacking his political opponents.

The Republican presidential candidate stayed up into the wee hours following the GOP debate in Ohio, retweeting almost anyone who offered him support while also launching a string of assaults against host network Fox News, focusing especially on anchor Megyn Kelly, with whom he had a somewhat testy exchange.

At 3:40 a.m. ET, he tweeted:

That post was quickly followed by:

But it wasn't simply Kelly who faced "The Donald's" social media rants. Analyst Frank Luntz, who was critical of Trump while hosting a post-debate discussion on Fox, also came under his limited-to-140-characters fire.

The tweets and retweets dried up around the 5:30 a.m. mark, indicating that Trump may have — finally — gone to bed.