From Chickens to Boardroom Bands: Donald Trump's Past 'SNL' Sketches

Courtesy of NBC

Take a look at the skits Trump has filmed in the past.

Donald Trump will be hosting Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7, but it won't be his first time subjecting himself to mockery on the show.

Trump hosted SNL in 2004, appearing in a variety of sketches both as himself and as a fictional character. Back in 2004 he was happy to play up his egotistical side and "ratings machine" status and it would not be a surprise if he did the same when he returns to the show in November.

Here's a look at some of the classic sketches he did in the past:

Donald Trump and Seth Meyers in "Fathers and Sons"

Trump and Meyers play a father and son duo that can't stop bickering, despite hosting a show that focuses on the cherished relationship between dads and their sons. Jimmy Fallon also makes an appearance.

Donald Trump, Darrell Hammond and Amy Poehler in "Live With Regis and Kelly: Donald Trump"

Trump plays himself with Hammond as Regis and Poehler as Ripa. Trump promotes How to Get Rich and The Apprentice, and says, "I had no idea people would love me this much on television."

Donald Trump, Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler in Boardroom Band Practice

Instead of deliberating who they are going to fire on The Apprentice, Trump and his colleagues decide to take time out to practice for their band. Poehler's character helps keep Trump on pitch.

Donald Trump and Kenan Thompson in "Star Jones Knows Who Won The Apprentice"

In this very short sketch, Trump speaks with "Star Jones" about Omarosa potentially spoiling who won The Apprentice. Jones, played by Kenan Thompson, asks Trump for some real sugar.

Donald Trump, Darrell Hammond and Jimmy Fallon in Trump's Monologue

Trump's monologue is full of brags about himself, his money, his television show and his love life. He also introduces his replacement, Darrell Hammond and NBC president Jeff Zucker, played by Fallon, talks about other exciting shows he has coming up.

Donald Trump and chickens in "House of Wings"

Trump and his chickens, played by the SNL staff, come together for this joyful commercial promoting his fictional Buffalo wing restaurant. "You're friered," he tells the chickens.