Donald Trump Suggests Melania Plagiarism Scandal Getting Too Much Media Attention

Melania Donald Trump RNC - H 2016
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In one of his first acts as the GOP's official presidential nominee, the candidate took to Twitter to defend his wife.

Donald Trump has finally weighed in on the scandal surrounding his wife Melania's speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Using his preferred communication medium, the newly official GOP presidential nominee took to Twitter to suggest that there's too much attention being paid to whether Melania plagiarized Michelle Obama's 2008 speech for portions of her remarks on Monday night.

The Republican candidate even got in a dig at presumptive Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and her email scandal.

Anti-Clinton rhetoric dominated Tuesday night's convention speeches with both Chris Christie and Ben Carson going after the former Secretary of State. Christie even led the crowd in a "Lock her up!" chant.

Trump also doesn't seem to mind having his wife in the spotlight.

In the day-and-a-half since the scandal broke, Donald Trump had remained silent about the plagiarism allegations, letting his campaign staff, son and supporters, including Christie, defend Melania.

Trump's wife came under heavy criticism after her speech on Monday night when it became apparent that two portions seemed to have been lifted almost word for word from the first lady's 2008 speech, with news outlets presenting both speeches side by side. (By Wednesday morning, NBC's Today show was even airing a video featuring both women saying their similar remarks at the same time.)

The similar portions involve both women talking about the lessons they learned growing up and how they want to pass those same values onto the next generation.