Donald Trump Talks Competition, ISIS Defeat Strategy and Obama: "We've Never Had It So Bad"

Donald Trump ABC News H 2015

Donald Trump ABC News H 2015

"We have an African-American president and we've never had it so bad."

Just after Donald Trump announced his presidential run on Tuesday, the real estate mogul and Apprentice host sat down with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos to clarify parts of his long speech.

When he said, "The American dream is dead," Trump explained, "I love America so much. … I see what's going on with the hatred that everybody has for each other. You look at Baltimore and Cleveland, you look at all the places exploding. We have an African-American president, and we've never had it so bad. You look at what's happening: We're in a big bubble, we have a phony stock market, we have artificially induced interest rates that are very low."

And regarding his secret plan to defeat ISIS for good, "Somebody should call me from the administration," he said, reiterating his silence to keep his ideas from reaching the enemy. "ISIS has taken what we should've taken: the oil. … You knock the hell out of the oil and you kill them at the head. ... I'd bomb the hell out of them."

He also noted that his campaign slogan, "Make American Great Again!" is only close to Ronald Reagan's 1980 phrase by coincidence, and that his unfavorable polling numbers were from when he wasn't officially running just yet.

Regardless of numbers, Trump is confident in his run. Commenting on his opponents, he called Jeb Bush "stiff" and Marco Rubio "overrated" and said, "I have better hair than he does." Also, "What [Hillary Clinton] did is totally illegal. I don't know how she gets away with it."

Watch the video below.