Donald Trump Tells Twitter Supporters to Buy L.L. Bean Following Boycott

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Donald Trump

Linda Bean also appeared on 'Fox & Friends' to discuss the issue.

Following a report that Linda Bean, the granddaughter of L.L. Bean, donated $60,000 to a political action committee supporting Donald Trump called Making America Great Again LLC, shoppers have begun boycotting the Maine-based company.

However, President-elect Donald Trump is telling his supporters to do otherwise. "Thank you to Linda Bean of L.L. Bean for your great support and courage," he tweeted on Thursday. "People will support you even more now. Buy L.L. Bean. @LBPerfectMaine" Although it seems strange that he tagged @LBPerfectMaine instead of @LLBean, which would have been the company he referenced in his tweet, @LBPerfectMaine is a seafood restaurant in Maine owned by the same Linda Bean he's addressing.

Bean herself addressed the boycott while appearing on Fox & Friends, calling the #GrabYourWallet organizers behind the boycott "bullies."

"I never back down. If I feel I'm right, and I do feel that, they're bullies. That's all they are — small colonel of hardcore bullies on the West Coast in California [that are] trying to control what we do, what we buy, what we sell in Maine," said Bean. "It's bullying me. It's bullying the companies that I own and the bullying of the one I partly am on — the L.L. Bean company, which I've owned since I was a child." 

Bean explained that the boycott wouldn't just hurt her but the employees as well. 

"I've been on the board for decades. I think I've done a good job for our employees. They're the victims. If the boycott succeeds in these cases, we're not the only one," said Bean.