Donald Trump Tells Twitter Users to Ask Him Anything and the Responses Are Brutal

Donald Trump Jury Duty - H 2015
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Donald Trump Jury Duty - H 2015

While some users posed honest questions to the GOP candidate about his campaign, most opted for insults and mockery.

Donald Trump literally asked for it — and social media responded.

Monday morning, the GOP frontrunner tweeted the hashtag #AskTrump for a Q&A he would be holding later in the day at Twitter's New York office. 

And oh how the people responded. While there were some legitimate questions about Trump and his campaign to be the next president, a lion's share of the tweets featuring the #AskTrump hashtag were insulting, and, in some cases, downright brutal. 

A few hours after it was tweeted by Trump, the hashtag was the No. 1 trend worldwide. 

From insults to past statements on immigration and women to his hair and family, Twitter users sank their teeth in as soon as the idea was posed. Here are a few of the more tame responses:

Trump did respond to some of the serious questions sent to him with the hashtag. Here are some examples:

The former Appreciate host even weighed in on whether Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is elite and spoke about the injury to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

I had a great time at @TwitterNYC #AskTrump