Donald Trump Threatens Lawsuit Over Ted Cruz "Cheating," Negative Ads

Donald Trump 4 - H 2016
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Donald Trump 4 - H 2016

The billionaire businessman says he may personally try to legally stonewall the Texas senator's White House bid.

It appears Donald Trump has had enough of fellow GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. 

On Friday afternoon, Trump tweeted to his more than 6.1 million followers that he might pursue legal action against Cruz, concerning the Texas senator's White House eligibility, if Cruz did not stop his "cheating" and running "negative ads."

Cruz and Trump have butted heads almost from the start of the election season. Since announcing his presidential bid, Trump has been the front-runner in notional polls, but Cruz has been gaining ground in the past few months and even beat Trump during the Iowa caucus. 

It was during that election that Cruz's people distributed information to voters that Dr. Ben Carson was suspending his GOP campaign; a falsity that Cruz later apologized for, claiming it was an honest mistake based off inaccurate media reports. 

Since then, Trump demanded a new election be held on the basis of his opinion that Cruz cheated. 

Trump has hammered away at Cruz for being born in Canada before becoming a U.S. resident, which Trump has said means he is ineligible to run for president. Trump has contended that someone on the Democrats' side of the race will sue over the issue, but it appears Trump may take matters into his own hands. 

Trump also made headlines last week when he repeated a supporter at a New Hampshire rally who called Cruz a "pussy" for his stance on using torture to gain information regarding terrorist activities.

For his part, Cruz recently pushed back against Trump, releasing an attack ad featuring a group of boys playing with a Trump-like doll as they talk disparagingly about the billionaire businessman.