'Tonight Show': Donald Trump Reveals the Last Time He Cried

Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon H 2015
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon H 2015

Jimmy Fallon conducts a mock job interview with the presidential candidate.

Donald Trump chatted with Jimmy Fallon about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and crying on Monday's The Tonight Show.

"I'm winning against Hillary one-on-one," said Trump. "And I haven't even started on her yet, although last week I did a little bit. But we haven't even started." He criticized Clinton for not easily beating Bernie Sanders, whom he refers to as "a step beyond a socialist" and said Clinton stopped attacking him once he brought up Bill Clinton's marital infidelity.

The conversation then turned to President Obama's tears during his recent speech on gun reform, tears which Trump has defended are real despite conservative pundits saying otherwise, Fallon was ready with a personal question. "Do you cry, ever?"

"Yeah," said Trump. "When I was one, I cried."

Fallon also conducted a mock job interview with Trump, quizzing him about his strengths and weaknesses and why he'd be good for the presidency. 

"I'm an extraordinarily handsome person. I have a beautiful head of hair. I was always a good student and I always worked hard," said Trump.

The only problem? He claims he may be too shy.

“Is media attention something you would be comfortable with?” said Fallon.

“Not at all,” joked Trump. "I’d be very, very uncomfortable with it.”